Building a Knowledge Based Decentralized Ecosystem

What is the Cordial World Foundation ?

Written by Joshua Scott

Everyone is an expert at something, shouldn’t you be rewarded for what you know as well as what you can do ?
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We, at Cordial World are a start-up focused on creating an opportunity born out of vital necessity. Human knowledge & experience that are not solely trade related/job specific in nature, are an intangible resource yet to be tapped into fairly. At Cordial World, we aim to build a knowledge based decentralized ecosystem where you can be rewarded for your own unique knowledge & experience. We call it Human Knowledge as a Service or “HKaaS”.

Cordial world rides on the development of the semantic web, also known as (web3.0). It is an extension of the World Wide Web and it’s standards are set by the World Wide Web Consortium also known as (W3C). What does this mean ? The semantic web paves a path to where distributed users and machines are able to interact with data, value and other counterparties via a substrate of peer-to-peer networks without the need for third parties. The result: a composable human-centric & privacy preserving computing fabric for the next wave of the web. This is where Blockchain technology comes into play allowing for a quicker and more secure way for collaboration to occur.

At Cordial we are most interested in facilitating such collaboration between Government, Business and Community. Well, why is that ? We live in a world that has a large income inequality gap, we’re attempting to bridge that gap. This is not an attempt to tax the rich or to impose strict laws that prohibit wealth creation, but to provide equality of opportunity. We believe, everyone has inherent value, it is just a matter of creating a space where you can share what you know and be rewarded for doing so.

So you’re interested now and probably wondering if we can turn this idea into reality ?

Yes we can ! With your help and support to grow our community we will be able to beta test our minimum viable product (MVP). Our team at Cordial World are working hard to build this community driven machine and turn this idea into reality. We want your input, thoughts and ideas as we move along to build a platform where you can be rewarded for being you, and utilizing what you know to help others. In the coming days we will share more with you regarding the inner workings of our team and specifics of what we do and how we work. You can already check out our first team update series of “Building a Cordial World”

Join our discussion and get your opinions heard and questions answered here by joining our telegram group and social media. We look forwarding to hearing from you ! Keep an eye out for more weekly updates on medium.

We aim to connect the genuinely interested with the genuinely verified




Cordial’s mission is to build a decentralised knowledge ecosystem, accessible by all, in which human expertise can be shared and rewarded fairly.

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Cordial World Foundation

Cordial World Foundation

Cordial’s mission is to build a decentralised knowledge ecosystem, accessible by all, in which human expertise can be shared and rewarded fairly.

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