Building a Cordial World

A Team Update #1

Written by Joshua Scott

Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

With reference to our previous article :

At Cordial World we have a diverse team working toward building our knowledge based decentralized ecosystem. Cordial’s team is truly international and we have some of the best advisors and professionals supporting us, take a look for yourself here . Our effort only means something if we provide value to our potential supporters and future community members. This weekly series of “Building a Cordial world” is an attempt to capture the inner workings of our team to give you a behind the scenes look of the big stage that is the Cordial World Foundation. This week’s updates are provided by our CEO Chris MacGregor, COO Jochem Herber and Marketing Manager Mona Finke.

Chris MacGregor : It’s the middle of January already. Cordial World is booked to attend the world’s first Web 3 Conference next week, Collision in Toronto in June and the WebSummit in Lisbon in November. These are three landmark events that dissect the year. Between each one we are planning a phase of ambitious growth. My week has revolved around what those stepping stones resemble. In the short-term, we continue to focus on Building our Community, raising Seed Funding and launching our DIAL token, more on this later.

To do these well, we have been busy building our team, our values and our narrative. This week alone, we have 5 developers confirm their desire to volunteer at Cordial World to help build our minimum viable product (MVP) to support research into Community Wealth Building in South London with a charity called Crystalisr and the London South Bank University. We have also attracted Kevin Smith as our Senior Advisor. Kevin has just stepped down as the Head of Global Emerging Giants programme at KPMG and he is most welcome to use his talents to help us achieve our mission.

Cordial World’s mission is to build an ecosystem in which human knowledge, deep expertise and lived experience can be owned by the diverse array of individuals and teams, and shared by choice, for fair reward and enhanced reputation. We believe this will give all people a greater opportunity to thrive.

Jochem Herber : This week has been an interesting one for me, as I am leading our token release. On Wednesday we had a meeting with our lawyers who have supported a number of large projects and will ‘help’ us with setting our legal framework. One thing is for sure, there is no doubt that our $DIAL token is a utility token and not a ‘hybrid’. Once we have the green-light from them, the actual private sale will be a lot easier and that will allow me to apply for launchpads. We are getting a lot of help from people who are interested in volunteering to help us out, which is a true blessing for a foundation like Cordial World.

We have a responsibility to create value for all our stakeholders in the most ethical way possible. Though I believe that early investors and those who take the greatest risk should be rewarded, I also believe that not a single person should get his/her tokens for free within our internal community. I am repulsed by projects that raise millions and then give ‘free’ tokens to the team/stake holders and still raise funds for marketing, development etc. Eventually it is the community that pays the price for these unwarranted allocations, I would like to avoid that as much as possible. So here is a statement that you, as our beloved community, will appreciate.

Every single person in the Cordial ecosystem, including the founders and early partners, will purchase their own tokens! Every single utility token that enters the market therefore has a clear value”. This is unlike most other projects, we do not give-away tokens for free to be dumped on the community to pay for later.”

Keep an eye out on medium for more weekly updates regarding our token launch or ask us questions directly using our Telegram here.

Mona Finke : Community is a vital component for every Web3 project and we are excited to share that our community is growing steadily. This week we reached 200 followers on LinkedIn, which represents a growth rate of 120% within the last 30 days.

Also on Twitter we are able to show excellent results in terms of community growth. We gained 29 followers within the last 28 days. Knowing that community is everything, we are working on ideas and ways to include you more into the process of building a decentralized knowledge based ecosystem.

Cordial World’s Twitter Statistics
Cordial World’s LinkedIn Statistics

Join our discussion and get your opinions heard and questions answered here by joining our telegram group and social media. We look forwarding to hearing from you ! Keep an eye out for more weekly updates on medium.

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Cordial World Foundation

Cordial’s mission is to build a decentralised knowledge ecosystem, accessible by all, in which human expertise can be shared and rewarded fairly.