Building a Cordial World

A Team Update #2

Written by Joshua Scott

Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

At Cordial World we have a diverse team working toward building our knowledge based decentralized ecosystem. Cordial’s team is truly international and we have some of the best advisors and professionals supporting us, take a look for yourself here .

Our effort only means something if we provide value to our potential supporters and future community members. This weekly series of “Building a Cordial world” is an attempt to capture the inner workings of our team to give you a behind the scenes look of the big stage, that is the Cordial World Foundation.

Check out our latest article :

This week’s updates are provided by our Co-Founder Jochem Herber , Community Manager Joshua Scott and Kelroy James joining us as part of the Percy Hobart Innovation Fellowship.

Jochem Herber : Cordial World is becoming a wonderful ecosystem of different partners and teams working together while contributing to various parts of our protocol. This is exactly how I envision our future Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) to be, where every team and individual who contributes, is part of the DAO and should have a say in how we operate.

At the moment, we still have a non-profit foundation (Cordial World) based in the Netherlands. This means that we are still fairly centralized (though we are working fully distributed across teams). I believe that this is fine for now, however, we want more people to join us in our journey and contribute to building our decentralized knowledge ecosystem.

“Want to be part of the team?, reach out to us and we will onboard you! It is a unique experience to be part of a nascent DAO” — For me, this is an experience of a lifetime!”

Last week we had a mix of experiences. On Monday, we talked with some of the largest blockchain projects out there, who are very interested in our mission. However, they will only be able to support us when our minimum viable product (MVP) is ready along with the launch of our DIAL utility token. So it is imperative that we get those two things done as soon as possible.

It is important to state that the legal framework of the token release will cost around $30k to $50k alone. Which is a lot of money knowing that we are still operating with funds provided by our founding members. At the same time, we have had talks with other potential partners who show interest in being part of our ecosystem. Lastly, Chris MacGregor our CEO did some really awesome work at the Web3 conference where Cordial was well represented.

Joshua Scott : Last week has been an eye opening experience of what the internet on a whole could be 10–20 years from now. The Web 3 conference provided insight into what the ownership of personal data looks like, and the plethora of opportunities that can bring in relation to community wealth building.

I’ve been working on an article about Community Wealth Building to inform our community and audience of how Cordial World ties into it all. This week I will be focusing on communicating what our MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is and details regarding the launch our DIAL utility token. Lastly my continued effort to grow the Cordial community still stands strong as we aim to reach 3000 members across all our platforms in total. I aim to do so by reposting pieces of the content I’ve written with my team across platforms, as well as share our content on a few Discord chats that may have potential new Cordial members.

Kelroy James : This has been a productive week continuing to build towards the MVP. I held discussions with David Randall of Crystalisr to finalize requirements for research into developing Community Wealth Building within the South London Partnership. Here’s what I’ve been up to :

  1. I have worked with Erin Liman our CDO and Chris MacGregor our CEO to develop starter questions for surveys amongst key stakeholders based on Crystalisr’s main needs and linked it to Cordial Worlds value proposition.
  2. I also created an action plan outlining key dates, actions and milestones from our record of key decisions between Cordial World, LSBU, Crystalisr and Dignity Donut.
  3. Expanded MVP Missions and tasks to include proposed lines of development.
  4. Attended a meeting with key stakeholders on Jan 25 to discuss proposed survey questions and possible media channels for distribution.
  5. I will attend the Web 3 conference on Jan 26–27 to gain knowledge and listen to CEO Chris MacGregor’s anticipated presentation.

Join our discussion and get your opinions heard and questions answered here, by joining our telegram group and social media. We look forwarding to hearing from you ! Keep an eye out for more weekly updates on medium.

We aim to connect the genuinely interested with the genuinely verified




Cordial’s mission is to build a decentralised knowledge ecosystem, accessible by all, in which human expertise can be shared and rewarded fairly.

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Cordial World Foundation

Cordial World Foundation

Cordial’s mission is to build a decentralised knowledge ecosystem, accessible by all, in which human expertise can be shared and rewarded fairly.

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